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Graduation Party Florence


Graduation Party Florence
Finally you have come to the end and want to do your graduation party in Florence.
Unbelievable but true, after years and years spent at home studying a book style, the light has finally arrived at the end of the tunnel!

And you know what? Who cares about the final grade, you still deserve a 110 degree honors with academic kiss!

Come to every graduation party, the first step in organizing is choosing the location, and which place can be better than an entire villa?

Villa Gaudia is a suggestive historical residence immersed in the green of the Florentine countryside, which offers you privacy and beautiful landscapes that the Chianti area alone can offer, just 15 minutes from the city, away from chaos and city traffic.

Set for all your interiors, with the possibility of having a poolside aperitif and a buffet dinner in the party room, with a sound system and lights perfect for your DJ set.

To make this special day even more memorable, there is also the possibility of lighting the enormous imperial bonfire and preventing the fantastic show cooking, or the realization of a tasty millefeuille, a form of your degree grade, mounted live by our staff, which will surely make the "cake" moment one of the most taken and photographed of the evening.

Thus, certainties in life are few, but between a tasty slice of cake, an open bar and a dip in the pool, fun at Villa Gaudia is guaranteed!

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