Logo Your Luxury experience in Chianti

The exclusive, luxury Villa Gaudia is situated in the heart of the Tuscany countryside,

a stone’s throw from Florence and all Chianti’s best known villages, the perfect place to spend your holidays in the heart of the

relaxing landscape of the Tuscan hills, pampered by the exclusive professionalism of our staff.

Rather than just a simple overnight stay, Villa Gaudia offers unique experiences all guests can personalise

as they wish to live Chianti deeply and intensely.

Villa Gaudia is also the perfect venue to organise weddings, parties with your closest friends or various types of corporate event.

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Eighteenth Party Halloween Theme


Are you looking for an original idea to celebrate an eighteenth birthday that stands out from that of all your friends and is worthy of being remembered? Well what to say, organizing a theme party could certainly be the best option, but identifying the right theme is not as easy ...

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Graduation Party Florence


Graduation Party Florence Finally you have come to the end and want to do your graduation party in Florence. Unbelievable but true, after years and years spent at home studying a book style, the light has finally arrived at the end of the tunnel! And you know what? Who cares about the final gra...

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Eighteenth in Florence


Eighteenth in Florence Do you want to organize your Eighteenth in Florence and are you looking for an exclusive location that will frame your party? Well! You're about to come of age, what could be better than celebrating with friends at Villa Gaudia, in a suggestive structure on the hills of Flor...

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